In the streaming age of efficiency and undoubtedly busy race to success, the race to finish has become more important than the path involved. Youngsters undergo pressure of handling curiosities, priorities, money and family as well as their own preferences. The rage of a lavish life-style and to empower all the necessities is at its peak. Everyone needs to fulfill his or her wishes. Therefore, developing more jobs and career options should be a prime goal to flourish the economy of the country. The various sectors of economy should be pondered upon. The young generation carries the mental capability and thrives to set a thing in motion. That’s what we call a startup. The optimum mindset of a man is to go on with the world. The whole chaos regarding the selection of the career has put a great stress on the minds. But the agenda is changing now. This is an initiative to nurture young minds and to provide the resources to drive their ideas and shape them into reality. As we know that there are no shortcuts to success, we can only idealize and frame our ideas into existence. Therefore, we need to push forward and put in efforts to encourage early start-ups. The balance needed in the eco-system is equivalent to the balance needed in any country’s economy. With the advancement in IT sector and more job offers, people compete to attain their seats in this department. But, we have to think of more technical, corporate and social start-ups to build our economy. We, thus encourage active participation of the people to build and develop projects to lush the economy of the nation.