2024 Outlook: Decoding Indian Travel And Hospitality Startups’ Evolution


In a post-Covid world, it is daunting to launch a startup with the knowledge that the travel space can become volatile, influenced by events beyond control

Funding rounds, investments, and VC capital also declined during COVID-19, which impacted both existing and early-stage startups

However, the travel and hospitality industries are both resilient and fueled by some of the most disruptive customer experience technologies

In a remarkable turnaround, India’s travel and hospitality sector, previously impacted by global uncertainties, made a remarkable comeback in 2023. As per reports, the industry witnessed a nationwide occupancy of 66.1% and an ADR (average daily rate) of INR 6,869, the highest in a decade, showcasing a sturdy rebound and expansion. 

This triumphant resurgence not only indicates a positive outlook for 2024 but also marks the beginning of new opportunities, buzzing with exciting trends that promise to redefine the hospitality sector.

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