Unveiling Off Business: The Silent ₹41,000 Cr Giant


Imagine a unicorn company quietly revolutionizing the B2B sector with mind-boggling success. Off Business, a hidden gem worth ₹41,000 Cr, is rewriting the rules of the game in the most unexpected ways.

 The Rise of Off Business: A Maverick's Journey

 Ashish Mahapatra's leap from a cushy VC job to delve into the uncharted waters of the MSME B2B sector paved the way for Off Business's astronomical success. Their unique distributor model with exclusive rights mirrors Colgate's strategy in North Bangalore, setting a new standard for precision and efficacy.

### Navigating the Raw Material Maze: Challenges and Triumphs

 In a world where the raw material market is a battleground with razor-thin margins, Off Business thrives on overcoming hurdles. The intricate dance between distributors, retailers, and credit cycles forms the heart of their operation, where the type and volume of raw material dictate the chain's rhythm.

 Revolutionizing Credit Cycles: Off Business's Game-Changing Solutions

 Off Business emerges as a beacon of hope for suppliers and SMEs trapped in the credit cycle conundrum. By ensuring upfront payments for suppliers and empowering SMEs with real-time updates and access to a vast network, Off Business redefines supply chain dynamics.

 The Art of Diversification: From Valuation to Innovation

 With a valuation in the billion-dollar club, Off Business sets its sights on manufacturing for elevated margins and sustainable growth. Their mastery in underwriting and innovative collection practices keeps their NPA rate below 1%, a testament to their financial acumen.

 Innovative Expansion Strategies: Unveiling Off Business's Edge

 Off Business's journey is a saga of shrewd business tactics and customer-centric innovations. Their revolutionary bid assist tool brings government tenders within reach of 20 lakh SMEs, revolutionizing access to opportunities. By nurturing an infinite loop of clientele, they pave the path to unparalleled growth.


Off Business isn't just a unicorn; it's a force of nature reshaping the B2B landscape. From trailblazing credit cycles to redefining manufacturing, Off Business stands as a testament to innovation and strategic brilliance.

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